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The Maldives is a tiny nation of 1,190 islands clustered in the Indian Ocean, touted for its sun and sand, crystal-clear waters, and its branding to the world as a tropical wonderland. It mostly relies on both its bountiful fishing industry and appealing tourism industry to sustain its economy, while its population thrives within the country’s island and/or urban lifestyle.

Being a low-lying nation, the Maldives is at high risk of sinking under the rising sea levels, which is brought on by climate change. While it shifts between a south-west monsoon and a north-east monsoon, bringing around a dry season and a wet season respectively, climate change has exacerbated the conditions of these weathers, leading to days of either intense heat or heavy downpours. As the sea level rises, the islands are prone to erosions and flooding, which can cause structural and financial damages.

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Ramitte “Rameez”

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Nursery Affiliation 

SPE has a network of 3 nurseries strategically located around Maldives with an output of 250,000 saplings at each site. 

About the Trees

Our team of Holistic Land Management experts conducts both quantitative and qualitative research to select the appropriate plant and tree species for afforestation based on several criteria. These criteria include carbon sequestration capacity, cost of plants, reproducibility, growth rate, environmental compatibility (soil, temperature, rainfall, moisture level, fire hazard, diseases), environmental effects (transpiration rate, evergreen or not, soil erosion control, beauty, wildlife attraction, soil stabilizer), and uses (medical, constructional, edibles, or fodder).


We prioritize maximum plant biodiversity to attract local wildlife, while ensuring that the planted tree species are native and not invasive. Our approach takes into consideration the environmental and situational factors unique to each location.


Additionally, our tree planting practices align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that our efforts not only benefit the environment but also the communities we serve.

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