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Offset Partner


Dx, formerly known as DxSale, is a decentralized, cross chain, token management platform as a service. DxSale DAO allows for seamless onboarding of chains to provide tools to facilitate and grow out a chains ecosystem. With over 13,000 projects launched, Dx’s innovative decentralized launchpad is one of largest players in DeFi.

SavePlanetEarth and Dx are working together to help new projects become more environmentally friendly starting from inception. Just as DxLaunch offers projects the option to have badges proving their KYC and Audit status, in the next update launchpad projects will be able to have a third badge. DxLaunch projects will be able to work with SPE directly to certifiably offset their carbon footprints and receive the SPE Eco-Friendly Badge.


SPE and its partners are not responsible for the effect that any errors in calculations or within the original data used may have on organisations or individuals. We strive to update the Calculators periodically according to the latest science and development work by the Carbonomics development team.



Offsets for Internally Calculated CO2e Emissions

PHYSICAL Status: Carbon Neutral
Valid Until: March 31st 2023

BLOCKCHAIN Status: Carbon Negative
Valid Until: April 22nd, 2022

*Contracted for Carbon Negativity until December 2022

Total Tonnes/CO2e Offset: 152


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