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Elk Finance

Offset Partner


Elk.Finance is a decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity, allowing trustless and secure value transfer across chains (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic, Avalanche). Elk users can swap tokens across chains seamlessly with sub-second speed. Any chain, anytime, anywhere!

Elk Finance Protocol launched on its first chain (Avalanche) on March 19, 2021, and its second chain on April 10, 2021. A first version of the mainnet and more chains launched in Q2, 2021. The full mainnet is expected in Q2, 2022. The maximum ELK supply is 42,424,242. 10 million tokens will be distributed through yield farming during 4 years. Another 10 million tokens are allocated to the Elk insurance fund (providing protection against impermanent loss), the rest is allocated to a community fund (20 million), the team (2 million), and airdrops.


SPE and its partners are not responsible for the effect that any errors in calculations or within the original data used may have on organisations or individuals. We strive to update the Calculators periodically according to the latest science and development work by the Carbonomics development team.



Offsets for Internally Calculated CO2e Emissions

PHYSICAL Status: Carbon Neutral
Valid Until: December 31st, 2022

BLOCKCHAIN Status: Carbon Negative
Valid Until: March 31st, 2022

*Contracted for Carbon Negativity until December 2022

Total Tonnes/CO2e Offset: 232


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