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SPE’s 1st Anniversary – A Moment of Musing

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

So, here we are.

Exactly one year ago today, Save Planet Earth (SPE) was formed in a time and midst of adversities, pushing through a year of trials and tribulations. Against all odds, these past 365 days had been a journey of growth and discoveries for a movement that started as a candid desire to save our planet.

Unlike our previous blog posts, I’d like this one to be less of an announcement or a checklist of our past, present, and future achievements, and more of a step back to interact with you, the reader. Of course, I will point out some of our successes within this piece as well, otherwise, it would appear incomplete. But other than that, consider this (as the title implies) a moment of musing.

One would wonder if the world needs yet another fresh environmental initiative such as SPE when countless like-minded projects are already working on the same cause. It’s a genuine assumption – perhaps stemming from the “less is more” mindset; a way of saying that the core tenet of environmentalism might end up being diluted among the many projects that are established to carry it out, and thus make less of an impact throughout the globe. However, it’s worth considering that these many projects can comprise unique minds and ideas, many of which are stable and successful when starting small. The eventual gathering of these ideas would then form into something truly revolutionary. As mentioned in a previous article, this concept would be akin to components fitting in the right places to operate a larger mechanism. So, while we should still acknowledge the “less is more” mindset, these instances should lean more towards a “the more, the merrier” approach.

We started that way too – as individuals with a few close-knit connections for support and advice. Today, are either partnered or in collaboration with numerous parties and organizations – from administrative and governmental branches to non-profits, and from the influential, prominent figures to the humble communities that are – undoubtedly – the lifeblood of any movement. SPE isn’t just about its staff – official or otherwise – nor of its volunteers or advocates who make tangible efforts in moving things forward. It’s also of the lives it touches for the better – for those who learn something new from our endeavors and share that knowledge and awareness with others through action and conviction.

In essence, we are like the other eco-projects that came before us. But we didn’t want to tread the exact same path as them; instead, we decided to forge one ourselves something similar… yet different, which would then lead to the question, “Why cryptocurrency?”

It’s not difficult to admit that the world of cryptocurrency is a complicated one to wrap one’s head around, and it’s not entirely a stretch to have a handful among our communities who have no idea how this industry functions at all. Sadly, these complications can also open up some doubtful and even pessimistic responses to the industry’s capabilities. As any and all new discoveries show up on our doorstep, they come with pros and cons. All we have to do is improve it to the point of minimal cons and maximized pros. We believe the same can be applied to cryptocurrency as well.

As we emphasized several times in the past, the blockchain is decentralized and transparent – controlled by none and accessible to all. SPE aims to implement the carbon market into the industry – where carbon credits can be easily interchanged between anyone who wishes for it, and for the proceeds of such transactions to be put for more environmental projects. Figuratively speaking, the industry could be a self-operating recycling system.

Granted, such a massive establishment needs to draw resources from somewhere, and this is where skepticism about the industry’s power consumption surfaces. Again, this is a con that can be transformed into a pro. Our partners in the Phantasma blockchain have shown us that it’s not only possible to operate on a carbon-neutral status, but even go beyond and achieve the carbon-negative status. They have made themselves an example of giving, instead of taking. And if they can do it, anyone in the crypto sphere can do it as well. It would be too easy to assure that this would take time, but looking at the current state of the planet, time isn’t on our side. However, not to sound too gloomy, we are more than capable of “greening” the cryptocurrency industry if all of us share the same level of motivation that Phantasma (and very likely many other counterparts) displayed in their ventures. As we speak, SPE is also widening such a path for other projects via its green “SPEPad” platform.

When the NFT trend emerged from the crypto industry, we had to ensure that it could also be harnessed for eco-friendly intentions. SPE’s rollout of the first-ever certified carbon credits (CCNFTs) was a culmination of that optimistic idea. If we carry on in this trajectory, the trend would transition and hopefully remain as one that beneficially contributes to the environment.

I guess the overall message here is that we can stick to the traditional route of planting trees and engage in sequestration activities around the world, but we can also explore the untapped potential that the emerging technology sector has to offer. It’s more than possible to do both. Injecting carbon-neutrality/negativity into innovation sooner than later is paramount in lessening the environmental burdens that we would have to face in the looming days.

Sure, we’re constantly barraged by the obvious warning signs that climate change would end up irreversible if we remained negligent. We can aid a disaster-stricken country through recovery and restoration efforts, but that would be like putting a band-aid on a single injury. We can’t simply plant a tree and call it day; it takes a lot of care and investment into its safe growth to reap the full benefits of that tree’s capabilities. Having the local communities involve themselves in the cause, plus establishing accommodations for them to utilize the best use of the necessary experiences and resources ensures a long-term plan to enrich and protect a terrain. It’s not about hogging the spotlight through our initiatives. It isn’t also about just kickstarting an initiative and just handing it over to the local community. It’s about giving these communities a purpose of commencing these initiatives while providing a helping hand whenever they need it. And most importantly, it’s to acknowledge the significance of this purpose and have its call echo through other communities.

Simply put, this isn’t only about us. It goes beyond humanity, encompassing life itself. If the planet suffers, humanity suffers, and life suffers with it. If the planet prospers, humanity prospers, and life prospers with it. It’s as simple as that. In the end, Save Planet Earth is a call for rescue – a namesake that carries significance from those three words alone. I can’t stress this enough, but it’s a reminder to determine our existence moving forward.

This may feel like SPE’s first anniversary, but it also feels like we’ve been doing this for a very long time. Whether we’ve been aware of these moments or not, we’ve gone through the bad and the good, the devastating and the hopeful. But somehow, we didn’t break our stride, and we have no intention of doing that now.

I understand that this piece has gone off tangent, but that was the whole point of it. We need a moment of reflection so that we can align ourselves to the correct path. A checkpoint, if you will, before setting off into tomorrow. If anything here has resonated with you in any way, I hope you’ve gotten the peace of mind that you’re not alone in this. That alone is enough motivation for us to continue what we’re doing as well.

So, thank you for taking your time to read this. And with that, let us mark this one-year milestone by commencing another year of even bigger and better endeavors to Save Planet Earth.

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